Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Have you got the passion and the skills to help us?

Save Open Spaces is applying for a grant to pay for an exciting project to protect a range of open spaces in Frome. If successful, we will need the right enthusiastic and competent person who can chart their way through various planning mechanisms that could be used.

Lots of information is already available through work undertaken previously by Friends of the River Frome and FROGS. Plus Frome Town Council currently has an Open Spaces Strategy.  This new project would bolster this existing groundwork with the aim of protecting open green spaces for the future for all residents of the town.

If you would like more detail, email and we will send you the project brief.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Open Spaces Society: Inclosure Revived

The general secretary of the Open Spaces Society, Kate Ashbrook, has written about the current government's increasingly aggressive attacks on community access and protection of open spaces as amounting to a new inclosure movement (the historical process which saw common lands enclosed and turned into profit-making private farms).

"We now face a revival of the inclosure-movement. The list of the government's anti-green attacks on access and open spaces lengthens by the day." 

In this context, the need to protect open spaces becomes increasingly urgent. Read the full press release here.

For information on how to register a space as green, see the Open Spaces Society information sheet here.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New fence blocking entrance to meadow - help us protect access

This is the new fence, which has recently been erected by the land's new owner.

As you can see, it is surmounted by spikes, has been permanently welded to the existing metal stile, and thoroughly blocks the entrance to the meadow from New Road, which has been in use as a customary route into town by residents for many years.

We need to gather evidence of community use of this route, and of the meadow in general, in order to protect access - please contact to tell us how you have used Rodden Lake Stream Meadow, and see this information sheet for more details.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Footpath at New Road blocked off!

Rodden Lake Stream Meadow, pictured here, was bought recently and mowed. The mowing was good - and overdue - since the wild flowers need to be able to have space and light to grow through each year.

However, in the last few days a metal fence has been erected at the exit from the meadow to New Road (where there was previously a boulder to prevent vehicles but a metal bar that acted a bit like a stile).
Although this was not a formal footpath, it has been used by locals regularly as a green walking route into town.

Are you one of the people who used it?
We urgently need to gather evidence of use by people who are are happy to be named. This evidence will be needed if we are to successfully campaign for a right of way to be established.

Please email telling us if you use this path - or if you've always used this meadow for anything else like do walking, kite flying, stream dipping... whatever...

Sunday, 13 October 2013

A new site for Save Open Spaces

Welcome to the new site for Save Open Spaces, formerly known as Save Frome Meadow!

We formed as a group when it was announced that the Rodden Lake Stream Meadow was to be sold by auction, and felt that we needed to take action to ensure that the meadow could be kept open for community access.

Since then, we have widened our scope to consider all of the green spaces in Frome as a whole, and will be making efforts to have them protected and preserved as a valuable community asset.

On this site you will find updates on our campaigns, lots of information about Frome's green spaces, and ways to get involved yourself. Do get in touch if you have any comments, questions or ideas!